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Reservation Form

Thank you for making a reservation at minibar.  In order to finalize your reservation, please complete and submit this form.  Reservations, for which forms are not received within 48 hours, will be released.   Please fax the form to 202.393.0555 or e-mail
Once again, thank you for choosing the minibar!

Name of Reservation: ____That’s What She Fed___

Date of Reservation:  ___Tuesday March 30, 2010__   

Seating Time:    (   )  6:00pm   or   ( x  )   8:30pm  

# of guests: ____2_______

Ph:_______________  Fax: ______________

Reservation Notes/Comments:


Credit card Information:

Card #: __________________________________

Name of Card Holder:___Thatswhatshefed_______

Exp Date: ____10/10_______

Type of Card: ____________________

For those guests over the age of 21 who anticipate consuming alcohol, please be sure to bring valid ID.
Are any members of your party under 21 years of age?  Yes (   )   No   (  x ) 

Dietary Notes:
Please specify all dietary restrictions and food allergies so that we can better accommodate your needs. 
Please note:  When you are making a reservation, please make sure that you know the dietary restrictions of the other members of your party.  In particular cases, a chef may contact you to discuss the restrictions.
The minibar menu unfortunately cannot be made to accommodate vegan diners.    

Dietary Restrictions apply:  Yes (  )   No   ( x  )

• Vegetarian    • Lactose Intolerant    • Kosher

• Gluten     Intolerant    • No Alcohol    • Other:  _______________________________
Food Allergy Description (please be specific) :  Yes (  )   No   ( x  ) 

Reservation policies:
1.    The price of minibar is $120.00 (One hundred twenty dollars) per person, tax and gratuity not included.
2.    Reservations must be confirmed with a credit card which will be held to guarantee your reservation.
3.    It is VERY important that you arrive on time.  We would appreciate it if your entire party arrives ten minutes before your reservation time.  If you arrive more than thirty (30) minutes late for your reservation, we can not guarantee that you will be able to dine at minibar. 
4.    Due to the limited seating we ask that any cancellations be made as soon as possible so that we can offer the reservations to other guests. All cancellations should be made in writing via e-mail to You must cancel your reservation at least (7) days, (1 week) before the reservation date to avoid cancellation penalties (50% of the total cost of the reservation.)
5.    If your reservation is confirmed and you do not show up for your seating, you will be charged 100% of the cost of the reservation.

We look forward to your visit and thank you for choosing the minibar for your dining experience!

I agree to these terms and conditions: 



                            minibar - The Menu

Munchies -
Pisco Sour / Beet "Tumbleweed" / "Cornbread" / "Bagels and Lox" / "Ferrero Rocher" / "Mojito" / Steamed Bun with Caviar / Blue Cheese and Almond / Tomato Crisp with Anchovy "Caviar" / Cotton Candy Eel / Dragon's Breath Popcorn
Flavors & Textures -
Zucchini in Textures / Guacamole / Smoked Oyster with Green Apple / Organic Carrots with Coconut / "Sin-Dried" Tomato Salad / Charcoal Salmon Toro with Black Garlic / "Tzatziki" / New England Clam Chowder / Parmesan "Egg" with Migas / Cigala with Tiger Nut Horchata / "Philly Cheesesteak"

Desserts -
Thai Dessert / Kumquats and Pumpkin Seeds

Sweet Surprises -
Saffron Gumdrop / "S'Mores" / Bacon and Chocolate / Fizzy Ball