Food Science

At That's What She Fed we like to provide our readers with awesome recipes and restaurant reviews. We also enjoy writing the occasional educational post, here is a collection of some of our favorites.

General Studies

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H2Oh No Water intoxication though exceedingly rare can be fatal.
You are what you eat: insect fragments and rodent hairs A look into the FDA's food regulations, not for the squeamish, but it is amazing more stuff doesn't wind up in our food.
Simple Pomegranate Martini An examination of the pomegranate juice racket
It Dawn-ed on me Ever think that food packaging is getting smaller? Well it is.
Cinco de Mayo A little bit of history on the celebration of Mexican heritage / corporate marketing vehicle.
Kids Google the darndest things A unscientific analysis of dumb things people have googled to get to our site
Asparagus pee and your nose We like asparagus and peeing, but not the smell, a brief look into why it stinks.
Orange Juice and Toothpaste A collection of leading theories for the unappetizing phenomena that's happened to everyone
Is expensive wine better? The relationship between price and quality is not as correlated as one would think
Calimocho remedy for bad wine A quick fix for when you get a dud bottle of wine
Buddah's hand That's one interesting looking citron.
Don't be chicken Cook the Turkey A breakdown of the turkey cooking process
Bahn mi in NYC A brief history of those awesome Vietnamese sandwiches.
The science of the hangover Ever wonder what your body is going through during a hangover? A lot of stuff.
Frozen pbj Walt Disney and Ted Williams aren't the only things that freeze well.
BP making a mess in the gulf and on your plate Things may be back to business as usual for BP, but they made quite the mess in 2010.
Support Local Television Everyone should watch PBS, a listing of some of the best cooking programs on TV.
That s*** is bananas Why don't we eat bananas like monkeys do? Evolution gone wrong.
Ketchup or Catsup Don't feel guilty for your love of ketchup, it is the perfect food.

Agricultural Economics

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Victory Garden: Getting Started We decide to stick it to the man and grow our own produce
Heavy investing in agricultural futures A financial analysis of growing your own vegetables
Things get kinky How do you pollinate plants that live indoors?
Fried green euthanasia The experiment comes to a premature end
Victory Garden: Part Duex We build on lessons learned from last year
Water for Elevenplants An ingenious self contained irrigation system.
Breaking wind The importance of wind breaks for roof top gardens