Sunday, December 26, 2010

Is expensive wine better?

Did you give or recieve a bottle of wine this Christmas? Most everyone of legal drinking age will have a bottle of wine pass through their hands in one capacity or another this holiday season. Do we ever stop to think about what was the deciding factor that led to the selection of that one bottle from the thousands offered in a wine shop: type, rating, past experience, a cool label, price? During the holidays price is often a deciding factor, after all the last thing we'd want to do is be caught giving the inlaws a cheap bottle of Merlot. But does price really matter? During a wine tasting class in college we were given a blind taste test. In one glass a $100 bottle of wine and in the other glass wine from a bag. The bagged wine won almost unanimously. You may scoff and say of course college kids that swill warm natural light beer and bagged white zinfandel at 10am would gravitate towards the taste of cheap wine, but the guys from Freakonomics did some investigating into the correlation between wine price and quality that backed up the conclusions drawn from that college tasting. This podcast is a facatining listen but may leave a bad taste in the mouths of those with a penchant for expensive wine.

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  1. Just listened to the program and I agree completely! You can convince people that cheap wine is better by telling them it is expensive wine.