Friday, March 4, 2011

kids google the darndest things

The other day I was killing some time looking through That's What She Fed's site analytics. While nerding out with last week's data, I noticed that the google search "men order steak on dates to appear more masculine" sent some curious young lady (or man?) to our modest little blog. It got me thinking about what other strange questions/searches have led people to TWSF, so I decided to spend the next few hours reading through thousands of searches (almost a years worth). Below is a list of our favorite actual google searches that led people to our blog.

  • men order steak on dates to appear more masculine
  • if you swallow live oysters do they move in your stomach
  • keep pooing after drinking white wine
  • oyster resemblance to female organ
  • more hangovers when your older
  • why banana break at stem
  • what's manicotti stand for
  • palate cleansers that burst in your mouth
  • science behind breaking the seal
  • just keep drinking the toxin
  • sexually suggestive appetizers
  • she swallowed a live oyster
  • throw up before bed no hangover
  • turning 26 depressing?
  • tween girls
  • wake up after a little sleep peeing, is it a hangover
  • what do you bananas and humans have in common
  • why do we fall if we step on a banana peel

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