Monday, March 7, 2011


This weekend we gave our overgrown basil plant a much needed haircut. We used the majority of the harvest to make another batch of pesto. There was some left over, so I began brainstorming a use for our excess herbs. It being the weekend and almost drinking time, I decided to incorporate the basil into a cocktail. The mojito, nature's most famous herbed cocktail, immediately came to mind. What if the mint was replaced with basil? I headed off to the kitchen to play mixologist and after half an hour of alcoholic alchemy I came up with the Basiljito. Enjoy.

  • vodka
  • half a lime
  • fresh basil (about 5 leaves)
  • club soda
  • sugar
  • ice
  • Add a couple of ounces of club soda and about a tablespoon of sugar to the glass, mix with spoon until sugar is dissolved
  • Juice half of a lime into the glass
  • Throw in the basil leaves and muddle
  • Add vodka to taste and stir
  • Add ice and top off with club soda
  • Garnish with basil

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