Monday, March 22, 2010

Virginia Wine Country

Thanks to our wonderful hosts and disguinshed guests for making last Saturday a perfect start to a sunny Spring.
The day had everything:
6 friends - check
Billy's family limo - check
Enough food to feed a 30 person keg bus - double check
(I havent seen that many Triscuits outside of the cracker aisle)

We went to four wineries.

By far the best vineyard we visited, glad we went there first while we were still had all of our wits about us. The tasting was the most indepth, Don our bartender was very engaging. Beautiful picnic areas, one for adults only and another for families. Tastings were $5 for 7 wines and $10 for 12 wines. We recommend splurging on Reserve tasting, especially if you enjoy reds.
Tastings were $5 per person for 5 wines. It should have been free considering the pours, and the fact that it was the only vineyard to not gift a souvenir glass to its patrons. The only thing shorter than than the glasses being poured was our stay at Swedenburg.
Gorgeous back porch with a view of the mountains. Perfect for a romantic sunset. Tastings are typically $5, but if you come with a group of 6 or more, be prepared to shell out $10 per person.
The deck was very nice, and they were randomly serving lasagana which smelled and looked really good.

Last Winery (name unknown)
Not much to say about this one, I'm told the building/grounds were pretty, we weren't up for another tasting.

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