Monday, August 16, 2010

Restaurant Week

It’s that time of year again. Another one of nature’s late summer traditions has come to pass. A natural wonder on par with the arrival of the jelly fish or the sea turtle’s mass egg laying. I’m talking of course about restaurant week, a time where restaurateurs across the country simultaneously offer special prices in an attempt to lure business during the slow dog days of August.

Many of the top restaurants in major metropolitan areas will be offering $35 three course dinners and $20 three course lunches ($24 if you live in NYC) this week and next. Restaurant week is great because it gives you an opportunity to eat at a fancy restaurant without paying fancy prices. Granted most restaurant week menus are usually limited in selection (they’re not going to offer the full menu for 35 bucks). TWSF may have overdone it this time around and booked reservations at Cafe Du Parc, Oya, Zentan and Oyamel as well as Amada in Philly. We are officially putting ourselves on the hook for a review of each of these places. If we can do all that, you don’t have an excuse for letting this yearly tradition pass you by. Check out these links for details:

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Philadelphia restaurant week participants (not until September)
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NYC restaurant week participants
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Boston restaurant week participants
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and here is a link for those of you who do not live on the Eastern Seaboard