Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Report from the field - Key Lime Pie

Hillstone's Key Lime Pie
My good friend and college roommate Matt sent me a picture text over the Labor Day weekend. I don’t usually get picture messages so I was excited to see what my sophisticated NYC buddy would send me at 10pm on a Friday, perhaps a celebrity sighting? a bum with a humorous sign? some sort of mutant crime fighting reptile? What he sent was just as good, a picture of pie. The key lime pie from Hillstone’s in Midtown to be exact.

Matt’s official texted review read as follows ‘It was amazing! Homemade Graham and key lime with Graham sprinkled atop.

TWSF gets readers from across the globe and we realize that our restaurant reviews may not be that relevant to those living outside the DC metro area. If you are inspired the next time you are out to eat please feel free to take a picture, string together a few words and send it to our emails (if you’re cool enough to have them) or the official TWSF mailbox thatswhatshefed@gmail.com 

Who knows, your review may win a prestigious Internet literary award and propel you to international stardom, at the very least it will give us free content and an easy post. Happy eating.

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