Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stuffed Ballots

If you live in the DC area and commute on the metro chances are you read The Express. The Express is a great little free commuter newspaper providing a snapshot of national and local going-ons, although it is often difficult to turn those pages and enjoy your paper while packed in a train like a pickle in a jar.

The Express’ ‘Night Out’ section is currently having their best of 2010 voting. Log on and vote for your favorite DC restaurants and establishments. Go ahead and make your voice heard. At the very least this will give you something new to do at work (cause we all know the internet can get boring sometimes). If you feel so inclined, give TWSF a write in vote for the ‘Blogger (Food)’ category. It's a long shot, but if all of our readers wrote us in we'd literally have tens of votes, which might just be enough....

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