Monday, October 11, 2010


My good friend Ritchie has spent the past year squeezing oil out of sand in Canada way up by the Arctic Circle for a large oil company (as dreary as that sounds it beats his previous assignment of clubbing baby seals in Alaska). He got some time off for Canadian Thanksgiving, so he decided to come to NYC to round up the old crew and enjoy the food diversity of the city. Surprisingly Nothern Alberta does not have a good selection of ethnic restaurants. Following the guidance of our host Matt we went to Jaiya for some of the better Thai I've ever had.

We decided to order family style and share. For appetizer we got calamari, shrimp rolls, and beef and chicken Sarte, marinated strips of meat barbecued and served with peanut and cucumber sauce. For the main course we went with a red curry, a yellow curry, pad thai, pineapple fried rice, drunken noodles and duck tamarind, a boneless roast duck in Jaiya's secial tamirand sauce.

I've had my fair share of Thai food and all of the dishes were excellent. Needless to say I highly recommend Jaiya and give it the TWSF stamp of approval. It was also affordable, the total per person (including drinks) was $10 less than a steak at the other place we were considering.

There were some other dishes that I cant remember and I only thought to take the one picture, but when the old crew gets together and has a night like this, that is to be expected.

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  1. AMAZING Thai food. If you like a lot of heat, try their "medium" spicy level. It might just make you sweat.