Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 Amys

Dan is a fan of his stuffed pizze
After watching the Lehigh football team beat Georgetown to clinch the Patriot League title, our good friends Dan and Nat suggested that we head to 2 Amys to celebrate.TWSF has been wanting to check out the place that many say serves the best pizza in DC, but we rarely find ourselves in the Metro no-mans land that is Cleveland Park. But as luck would have it we were in the area with a car and a designated driver (safety first), so we headed up to 2 Amys, to eat the best gourmet pizza we've had in the DC area.

Norcia - Tomato, salami, grilled peppers, fresh mozzarella, grana
We arrived 2 Amys little before 4pm after surviving an embarrassing 8-point turn in the middle of Wisconsin Ave. (some DD). We  were surprised to see that the place was near capacity. One would only expect to see such  a crowd at that hour during the early bird at the Del Boca Vista retirement community. We were encouraged by this sight because off-hour crowds are always a sign of a good restaurant or an elderly population. To the contrary, we discovered that there is truth to all of the reviews that say 2 Amys is kid friendly. The place was crawling with ankle biters and the restaurant was fairly loud. I would not recommend 2 Amys as a place to impress a date, unless of course you are on a play date. 

The crowded family ambiance aside, 2 Amys makes some top notch D.O.C pizza.  Denominazione di Origine Controllata is a status established by the Italian government in 1998 that legally regulates the ingredients and cooking methods that make an official Neapolitan pizza. 2 Amys offers several traditional and stuffed pizzes priced between $10-13 with the option to build your own from a list of toppings. They also offer appetizers and desserts which are supposed to be very good. We like beer with our pizza and were happy to see a pretty decent selection of alcoholic beverages.

My only actual complaint about 2 Amys is that the pizzas come out unsliced, leaving diners to carve the pizza with knives which are not quite sharp enough for the task. I was struggling to cleanly cut through the crust, cheese and salami while maintaining the integrity of the pizza. But to their defense, I was still feeling the effects from the tailgate which may have contributed to my struggles.

The next time you happen to be in Cleveland park or babysitting, stop by 2 Amys for some of DC's best pizzas.

Margherita Extra - Tomato, mozzarella di bufala, cherry tomatoes (with prosciutto)

Santa Brigida - Tomato, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, arugula

Lehigh beating down Georgetown 24-7

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  1. Ended up here from Adam Roberts' twitter feed. I don't know where in the DC area you live, but I'm pretty sure that anyone who lives near 2Amys would not say it's in Cleveland Park. Cleveland Park has a metro, and is on Connecticut Ave. This area is usually known as Cathedral Heights, if it's called anything at all.

    Thanks for the photos - they're a good reminder that I need to get some of that delicious pizza again sometime soon.