Monday, November 29, 2010

DC Food Tours: Dupont

1st stop: crab cake sandwich and salad with beets, blood oranges, and goat cheese

TWSF recently went on a DC Food Tour in Dupont Circle area. We visited four restaurants serving four diferent cuisines during an informative walking tour of Dupont. The experience was incredibly intimate, heck  each restaruant was hand picked by our awesome tour guide Adam. Imagine going on a blind date with 8 people who all love food and are eager to share their DC dining experiences, recommendations and cautionary tales. A DC Food Tour is the perfect event to go on with a food enthusiast friend, visitors if you are sick of going on the monument tour circuit, or a date if you are looking for a unique afternoon out. Regardless of who joins you on the tour, you will leave with a full stomach and a better appreciation of the DC food scene.

DC Food Tours was started by a couple with a deep passion for food. They have expanded their business over the years and currently offer tours in all our favorite neighborhoods: Alexandria, Georgetown, Little Ethiopia, Capitol Hill, U Street, Eastern Market and most recently Dupont. An Adams Morgan food tour is in the works. DC Food Tours carefully selects restaurants and dishes to represent the neighborhood and its history. Our tour guide, Adam, was awesome. He was incredibly knowledgeable about Dupont's history and offered invaluable advice on local restaurants.

2nd stop: lamb and prunes

Unfortunately for you, we won't be revealing the restaurants we visited. That's the exciting part, you don't receive an itinerary and you don't know where you are going until you are there (Chuck's note: it's kind of like Fight Club for foodies). However, we've included a few pictures of the delicious food we ate to wet your appetite.

3rd stop: too many items on this plate to describe, our favorite was the chicken satay

TWSF did not know what to expect going into the tour and we were surprised to find how much we learned about our neighborhood during the 3 hour afternoon tour. Although we've been to a number of restaurants in the neighborhood, we were extremely happy to find that the tour took us to new places: two restaurants we walk by all the time but never thought to go into, a place we heard good things about but probably would never visit, and one of DC's top rated restaurants.

4th stop: tempura, sushi, and tofu

We thought one of the best parts of going on this tour was meeting other people who were really into DC restaurants. The group was all young like minded individuals and as the group walked around the streets of Dupont  someone would suggest going to the place we were passing for drinks and appetizers while another person would advise to stay far far away from the place across the street.

With the holidays quickly approaching, we can not recommend DC Food Tours enough as a gift or a little bit of self-indulgence.

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