Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Food Truckin: sweetbites

Red Velvet and Pumpkin
The influx of cupcakes into the DC area has reached critical mass. The trendy snack which has inspired a multitude of shoppes and the TLC reality show DC Cupcakes has passed its tipping point. Availability of real estate for cupcake shops has apparently dried up causing bakers to literally spill into the streets.

Sweetbites mobile is one of two bakers that has taken the craft of selling cupcakes curbside by combining two of the trendiest food trends in DC: cupcakes and food trucks. They bring their "fresh artisanal baked goods" to a different DC location each day. Follow them on twitter to find their location @sweetbitestruck.

Their cupcakes are priced at $3 and for that price I was expecting a little more. The cupcakes were decent, but the cake was a little more airy than some of its competition and the frosting could have been richer. Megan liked her pumpkin cupcake, but we agreed the others were 'meh.' They are actually more expensive than the reality star Georgetown Cupcakes who we feel makes better cupcakes, I found this surprising because it was my understanding that food trucks are intended to bring a superior product at a lower price point than its brick and mortar counterparts by cutting overhead costs and being hipper.

I have had more cupcakes in the past year and a half than I did during every elementary school classroom birthday party of my youth. TWSF is worried that like other popular fads such as dot com start-ups and Beanie Babies, the cupcake bubble is about to burst. At least Sweetbites brings that bubble to the front door of your office.

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