Friday, November 5, 2010

Puppy: Your date night recipe secret ingredient

Rooba taking a nap in a witches hat
This little guy (or any puppy) is the perfect pairing for any date night recipe. Calm down, I am not suggesting that he be ingested in any way. Rather he should be a featured novelty in the kitchen while you cook a special meal for your lady friend. Kind of like a decorative gourd, a furry gourd that sends your girl's hormones into overdrive. As those who attended the Columbia Heights Halloween party can attest, puppies truly are chick magnets.

Like organic vegetables, puppies are best used as quickly after harvest as possible (Rooba was only 9 weeks old). A word of caution, a little bit of puppy goes a long way. Before you know it your girl will forget you exist as she baby talks to her new best friend the entire night. Like truffles or saffron this adorable ingredient needs to be used sparingly and strategically to maximize the success of the dish. So next time you plan on cooking for your girl, get your hands on a puppy and watch her heart melt faster than butter in the microwave.

We introduced Rooba to bacon wrapped scallops, hopefully he was able to go back to eating Kibbles and Bits

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