Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mr. Yogato

Nothing says 20 degree weather and snowstorms like frozen yogurt. Looking at the falling snow through my office window is oddly giving me the craving for frozen yogurt. The DC area has more frozen yogurt purveyors than you can shake a stick at these days and I thought mid December would be a perfect time to give a quick plug for TWSF's favorite froyo spot Mr. Yogato. Not only do they have by far the best name, they also have the best product, cycling through 18 yogurt flavors 4 at a time and offering over 40 toppings encompassing everything from black berries to coco puffs. We also love their nerd-chic atmosphere, you can play original Nintendo and can get discounts while waiting in line by answering trivia (can you name all the 'stan' countries?). Mr. Yogato is my kind of place, I guess that's what happens when a rocket scientist opens a frozen yogurt shop.

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