Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My friend, Rosie, has been raving about Sei for a year now and I was dying to see what all the fuss was about. In the last three weeks, I've dined at Sei twice and the food certainly lives up to Rosie's rave reviews. The restaurant was a lot swankier than I expected. The sleek white furniture and dim lighting definitely said, "not your typical week night sushi spot." The place gets pretty crowded, but I've never had trouble getting a table without a reservation. My two dining experiences at Sei were both amazing but unless you are on the budget of a DC housewife you will either leave with an empty stomach or an empty wallet.

My favorite dish thus far was the tuna poke with coriander mint and wonton chips, which came highly recommended by our server. The tuna was fresh and all components really brought this dish together. The sashimi pizza, recommended by Rosie, is also a great starter although I wouldn't split it with more than one other diner (it was the smallest pizza I've ever seen). As far as the rolls go, Sei offers a menu of very unique special rolls. I loved the fish and chips, the crunch and the way it made me think of New England. The Japanese Chicken Curry roll was another top choice, and a good option for someone who isn't into eating raw fish.

sashimi pizza
I've been twice now and am really impressed with the taste and quality of the food, but not the size of the servings and the damage it's done on my wallet. A spicy tuna roll for $9? Seriously?? Sei it ain't so! Beyond the cost, this place is a great date spot for a sushi lover or a dinner with the girls before hitting up some Chinatown bars.

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