Thursday, January 6, 2011


We live in a good neighborhood. There are expensive condos, historic buildings and a young vibrant affluent community. But just a couple blocks away, there is a corner where a gang of teenagers sell a highly addictive product that will eventually kill you. This corner is on the way to the grocery store and we pass it on a regular basis. I've tried to be strong and not give into temptation, often crossing the street when we come to the corner. I will admit it,  I had a habit in high school but haven’t used in several years. The other blogger, wiser than me, listened to her parents and teachers and had never tried before.

Every time we walked to the grocery store I looked forward to passing that corner, watching people go in and out, getting their fix, reminiscing about when I was one of those people. Walking hand in hand with the other blogger, I notice the tell tale signs of fiends that have just fed their craving: the rubbing of mouth and stomach, tired eyes, looking for a couch to take a nap on. It is a quick high that completely satisfies even the strongest craving, but it lasts for just a short while leaving you empty and bloated at the same time. You know you are coming down as you sit sick over the toilet a short while later. After you leave that bathroom all you want to do is go back to that corner and do it all over again.

I was good for the first few months living in the neighborhood. But in a moment of weakness I wandered back to that corner, alone. I entered and got a dose for myself and the other blogger for only $14. I feel horrible about dragging the other blogger down this spiral with me, I thought she would like a little taste, at the time I was not acting in sound mind. After I paid up, I practically sprinted home, the stuff is best if you consume it right away. The smell coming from the bag was too much, I stopped half way home reached in and grabbed a small taste. All those years of abstinence washed down the drain.

I busted through our front door and ripped open the bag. I gave Megan her first taste, her mouth curled into a wide smile and her pupils dilated. She was hooked. After a few quick minutes of consumption we both laid on the couch rubbing our mouths and stomachs completely satisfied. Looks like I need to go back to the meetings. High my name is Chuck and I am a Popeyes Fried Chicken Addict.

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  1. You had me going on that one. I hope you enjoyed the chicken.