Monday, May 2, 2011

Brunch at Ted's Bulletin

The Menu
My good friend, Nicole, and I headed over to Eastern Market for some shopping and brunch on Saturday. We had intended on stopping by our go-to, Tunnicliff's, and decided we were really in the mood for something new. Having remembered walking by some place with homemade pop tarts, we walked over to Ted's Bulletin and grabbed some seats in the bar area. The walls adorned with trappings from the old Philly Convention Center. It's almost a cross between a diner, ice cream parlor, and saloon.

It was a tough choice between the breakfast and lunch items on the menu. Nicole was feeling breakfast-y and ordered the Jon's Omelet with mushroom, spinach, and swiss cheese. It looked good, but mine was better. In fact, it was the best cobb salad I've ever consumed. The Ty Cobb was topped with fried chicken, diced tomatoes, slices of avocado, eggs, bacon and dressed with creamy Vidalia bacon ranch. I requested that blue cheese and pickled onions not be included, and the kitchen was happy to accomodate and throw in some diced provolone instead. The fried chicken was crisp and perfection and I was in salad heaven.

I mentioned the pop tarts earlier, and certainly wasn't leaving without one (or two). We each ordered flaky pop tarts to-go (the other blogger always likes a doggy bag), resisting the temptation to scarf them down during the rest of our shopping trip. I'll have to go back to try their famous shakes, but based on the smiles I saw on the shake-drinkers' faces, I'm going to bet they are good.

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