Monday, June 20, 2011

Hot Monday

Not quite ready to get back into the swing of things? Did you have too many beers with Dad on Father’s Day or are you quietly nursing a new sunburn under that business casual attire? For those of you in the DC metro area who want a 15 minute distraction from the soul crushing work week that is now upon us we suggest filling out the Hot 99.5 Hottys award ballot. They’re ‘looking to the compile the hottest people, places and things in Washington, DC and we need your help!’ So take some time and fill it out, (it’s not like we were asked to ask you or anything). Here are my submissions for their survey:

Bar – tie Drinks - Churchkey, Night out -18th Street Lounge
Bathroom -  Old Ebbit or any other bathroom with one of those Dyson hand driers (those things are awesome)
Drunk Food –Any leftovers in our fridge, maybe Julia's Empanadas defiantly not Jumbo slice
Must See in DC –  Dupont Farmers Market, Drag Queen Race
Local Celeb – Anthony Weiner’s blackberry or that guy with dreads who walks around in just a loin cloth and a walking stick
Neighborhood – Logan Circle, obviously
Cupcakes – I refuse to vote in this category, call me when a real bakery opens up
Place to be seen – Waiting in line for the Park
Plugged in on the web – defiantly not AT&T
Restaurant – Central
Salon – the Hair Cuttery in Dupont (the other blogger says Bang - Metropole location)
Worst Road for Traffic – any one with cars on it

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