Thursday, August 18, 2011

DC Beer Week Homebrewers Competition

Saison and Pale Ale
As part of DC Beer Week, the DC Homebrewers Association is holding a homebrew competition. On a whim I entered the two beers that I had laying around on the last day for submission. Of the 11 Categories in the competition I endererd my pale ale brewed with cascade hops in the 'Bitter or Hoppy Beers' category and my Belgium Farmhouse Saison in the 'Session Beers' category. 

The other blogger, my friends and family always say that my homebrews are good and 'taste like real beer,' but the opinions of those close to you are to be taken with a grain of salt. I saw the competition as a way to get an unbiased opinion on what my beer actually tastes like from local brewers.

Today I found out that I had won both categories and would be competing in the finals. The finals are going to be held this Saturday at Red Palace from 12-4pm. Come out this weekend and support the local beer scene and your favorite blogger with some day drinking on H Street.

As an added incentive to come, all brewers are going to bring a case of their winning beer and tastings will be open to the public. So by my calculations, I will be down 50 homebrews by the end of the afternoon, a small price to pay for an unbiased opinion.

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