Monday, December 12, 2011

kids google the darndest things: mostly breast related

On April 26 2010 That's What She Fed published the following passage:

"From Paula Deen’s on air orgasms every time she thinks about butter, to the middle school drama found in every competition show, to the gravitational pull Giada’s boobs has on the eyes of male viewers, there are a million things on today’s food shows..."

I have been able to deduce that this statement is directly responsible for roughly 80% of the sexually related Google searches that send people to our little blog. As part of Google Analytics, you can see what Google searches people use to get to your website (don't worry you cant tell who did the searching). Below is a listing of some of the most popular searches that, I believe, were spawned by this passage. All of these keywords were used at least a couple of times and I arranged them into logical made up demographic groups. I have no idea how deep these guys had to go into their Google searches to get to our site based on these keywords, but I am sure all of these dudes (or ladies) were disappointed with what they found....

Demo 1: 50+ year old men and teenage boys 
  • paula deen boob
  • paula deens tits
  • paula deen boobs
  • food network boobs
  • food network boobs pics
  • food show boobs
  • food show breasts
Demo 2:  30-40 year old men and teenage boys
    • giada boobs
    • giada boob
    • giada breasts
    • giada laurentiis tits
    • giada delaurentiis boobs
    • giada de laurentiis boob
    • italian celeb boobs
    • food and boobs
    • cleavage
    • best tv boobs
    • boobs that's a d sides (note: this keyword was only used once)
    • orgasms
    Demo 3: Perverts, registered sex offenders and teenage boys
      • public cleavage
      • public boobs
      • boobs show in public
      • amateur showing breasts
      • boobs amat
      • amateur cleavage 
      • middle school boobs
      • middle school cleavages
      I can't wait to see what what kind of Google searches will link to our site based on this post. I am guessing it will draw people mostly people from demographic 3 since I just used the term "teenage boys" three four times in this post. Happy searching!

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