Friday, May 7, 2010

TWSF realizes that they are food snobs

As if having our own food blog wasn’t evidence enough, TWSF realized that they were food snobs during a recent trip to Mexico. TWSF spent five nights at the Valentin Imperial Maya an all inclusive resort ranked 6th in the Cancun area, we highly recommend this place but not for singles. The food by all accounts was good and exceeded our expectations of what an all inclusive would deliver. But on the first night while sitting around a hibachi table we had what those in the drug addiction/rehab business call a moment of clarity.

Our moment of clarity came as the waiters laid out an plate of sushi for everyone. The sushi was dry, pretty warm and the fish could be classified as sushi grade by only the slimmest of margins. You could tell it was rolled at the beginning of the night, we later say a pile of dozens of premade uncovered plates lined up behind the sushi bar.  By all accounts it was some of the worst sushi we have ever had, but we can’t blame the resort, the line between good ok and bad sushi is razor thin, especially when you sushi chef is Mexican. Plus, it’s hard for a roll to meet our expectations when we’ve had sushi at one of Morimoto’s restaurants. Anyways as we were eating (we were starving after all), we looked over to the lady who was sitting next to us, she was from some vowel heavy flyover state like Iowa or Ohio. We watched in horror as she took her fork and thrust it through the center of a piece of the not-so-spicy tuna. She then proceeded to forgo the soy sauce and then did the unthinkable. She bit the piece of sushi in half, spilling much of the contents of unbitten half on her plate. The sushi was bad, but it didn’t deserve such an unhonorable death. After she got it down, the nice lady said that it was pretty good. And with that simple statement, TWSF realized that they were food snobs.


  1. Yes, you are a food snob.

  2. The same thing happened to my BF and I. We stayed at an all inclusive in Mexico, I looked at the 2-3 items on my plate (out of hundreds on the feeding trough buffet) that I thought looked edible. Then I looked at my boyfriend and said "if I eat this the foodie in me will die a little bit". He said "I agree, just keep it to yourself". :)