Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Next Level

It’s been a little over six months since our first modest post, and according to many relationship experts this is the time to either take things to the next level or part ways. TWSF has decided to move the next level. We’ve been through a lot, both the good posts and the bad and have become all the stronger for it. It may be a little more work and a bit of a leap of faith but we think we and our blog are ready for a long term commitment.

With doing nothing more than posting some stories and telling our friends, TWSF has been read in 44 countries and 48 of the 50 states (If you have friends in Montana or North Dakota please tell them about our blog). We’ve been encouraged that our posts are showing up in Google searches and recently our Café Du Parc review was featured on the Willard InterContinental Hotel's Facebook page.

TWSF has decided to get onboard with this social media thing that all the kids are talking about. Hopefully this move will lead to our blog becoming super popular prompting a book deal which will eventually be turned into a romantic comedy where Megan is played by Zoe Deschanel and I am played by a young Paul Rudd. But, we settle for more traffic from North Dakota.

We went ahead and created a Facebook Page and a Twitter account to go along with our old fashioned email address. We are now a featured blog on urbanspoon a restaurant review website and we are a member of the TBD Community Network a website that brings DC websites and blogs together.

If you feel so inclined like us on Facebook and tweet us on twitter. They say a relationship isn't official until it is on Facebook, so this must be serious.

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  1. Woo, woo! Congrats, guys.

    - Gal holding down the PA contingent :o)