Friday, October 1, 2010


Unfortunately, not everyone got to go to Munich this year to celebrate Oktoberfest (some of us have jobs Frank). Luckily, for the rest of us working stiffs, DC has a few local events going on to make you feel a little more German and a little more inebriated.

Here are a couple local Oktoberfest events to check out this weekend:

Biergarten Haus
*Oktoberfest all weekend* Hours: Saturday 10 AM to 1 AM and Sunday 10 AM to 11 PM
Beers sold by the glass.

This place is fairly new to the neighborhood and has been extremely busy since opening its doors. The place looks like a beer garden and serves up some authentic German brews and food. I've heard great things from friends, and am hoping to check it out sometime soon.

1355 H St NE, Washington DC 20002

Capital City Brewery Co. Oktoberfest
Saturday, October 2nd

The 10th annual Mid-Atlantic Oktoberfest is this weekend. I've been to this event the past two years and have had a great time from what I can remember. Beer tents are set up throughout Shirlington Village, offering some of the best local brews around. This event brings in over 30 breweries, and a few vendors selling German food. I don't recommend driving, this place gets packed and parking can be a nightmare, not to mention potential drunk driving. Take a cab or metro bus.

Cost is $25 to sample. Organizers give you approximately 10 tickets and a 4 oz souvenir tasting glass. I know you are thinking, they gave me only 10 tickets at 4 oz a pop? You could get a 40 at 7-11 for 3 bucks. Don't worry too much about that, many of the vendors forget to collect the tickets and you can always work up the nerve do a 'false drop' once you get a few pilsners in you. I've never left this festival dissatisfied.

Shirlington Village
4001 Campbell Avenue, Arlington, VA

All those Oktoberfest beers will surely lead many to develop a hangover. Check out our old post for some helpful hints on avoiding a headache. Happy Drinking and auf wiedersehen.

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