Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Banana Split

TWSF visited Central Michel Richard for the third time on December 20. Most places we visit more than once fall into the dreaded sophomore slump and fail to live up to the expectations that they established during the first dining experience. Central, to the contrary, gets better with each visit and with each step that we take deeper into its menu. This is one of the many reasons why Central is our favorite restaurant in DC that doesn't need to be saved for a special occasion or special savings fund. Below is a list of what we ordered this time around everything was great and highly recommended. As a bonus we got to sit next to the open kitchen (our favorite spot). If you are interested take a look at this throwback review, one of our earliest (I can't believe I took her to Central and minibar for her birthday).
  • Cherry tomato and burrata mozzarella (complements of the chef)
  • Frog's legs (they really do taste like chicken)
  • Ahi tuna burger (rare, like ahi tuna poke seared just enough to stay together)
  • Hanger steak au poivre with onion carbonara (good choice for onion lovers)
  • Banana Split (house made ice cream and sherbet)

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