Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holy Crepe

Over the weekend TWSF did something unusual, we managed to pry ourselves from bed, get out of the house and head out for a quick breakfast, granted it was 1pm by the time we placed our order. We decided to go to Point Chaud a new crepe place by the McPherson Square metro. The other blogger walks past it every day and consequently developed a strong crepe craving over the past several weeks. To make a boring story short, I ordered a number 48 which can only be described as bananas, strawberry and nutella wrapped in a thin sheet of boiled suede. It must have been suede because of the tough yet soft consistancy and the price of the crepe was high enough to cover the use of a luxury ingredient such as suede. Megan's crepe wasn't any better and we both agreed that if you are going to open a shop and only do one thing, you should probably do it well. Needless to say we probably won't be back. For some good crepes in the DC area we recommend Choupi by the Rosslyn Metro or Crepes at the Market in Eastern Market.

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