Tuesday, January 18, 2011

50 empty bottles of beer on the wall

50 empty bottles of beer, take one down sanitize-it-in-a-diluted-bleach-solution-for-20-minutes-rinse-thoroughly-siphon-beer-cap-it-let-sit-for-2-weeks, pass it around 49 bottles of beer on the wall. TWSF bottled our first batch of beer and have come to the realization that home brewing is the perfect hobby for a beer enthusiast, clean freak, gremaphobe or Danny Tanner. Over the past couple weeks I've disinfected more equipment than the guy who preps operating rooms. The investment in a home brewing keg system is looking very attractive if I am going to clean and fill 50 bottles with each batch. All the hard work will be worth it in about two weeks when the yeast converts the sugar added to the bottles into carbonation giving the now flat beer some fizz. I just hope I kept things clean enough.

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