Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fette Sau

A line of hipsters snakes around the perimeter of the converted auto shop. They patiently wait to get their hands on some of the best BBQ in the city. A rainy Saturday night has rendered the outdoor seating useless and left the indoor space over crowded. The most cutthroat game of musical chairs that I have ever taken part in has broken out as hungry patrons look to pounce on open picnic table real estate like unqualified borrowers on the front end of the housing bubble. All the while I am holding a half gallon jug of Brooklyn IPA in my left hand and happily drinking from the mason jar in my right hand. Needless to say, this is not your typical BBQ joint. I don't know how all of those hipsters made it home in those skinny jeans, because before we left Fette Sau I had to loosen my belt a couple of notches.

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During TWSF's recent trip to New York, our good fiends Eric and Alex took us their favorite BBQ spot, Fette Sau which translates to “fat pig” in German. Fette Sau does not have one style of BBQ, they source local/organic meat so the menu varies from beef tongue to lamb belly depending on what is available. Don't be worried, staples like pulled pork and beef brisket are regular offerings. Fette Sau also sources its beer from small scale breweries and offer some unique drafts served in glass jugs (gallon or half gallon) and mason jars (quart and pint).  The bar also features a diverse selection on whiskeys and cool butcher knife taps.

I am by no means a BBQ expert. The only time that I have spent south of DC was during a road trip to Disney World in second grade. TWSF will not be a guest judge at any county BBQ cook-offs. That being said Fette Sau was some pretty good BBQ on par with the better examples of brisket and pulled pork that I’ve eaten. Their dry rub was good and their sauce offerings were solid. All meat is sold by weight and cut to order by one guy. After waiting in line for slightly south of half an hour Eric and I were suffering an eye and belly size imbalance. We almost made the mistake of over ordering, but recalibrated our calculations after monitoring the scale during the order before us. We wound up ordering right, no leftovers and no extra space in the bellies. It only cost 60 dollars for four hungry young adults to get stuffed, pretty good for NYC. If you are ever in Brooklyn and craving some good meat, some good beer and some good times head to Fette Sau, you won’t be disappointed.

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