Thursday, February 3, 2011

Superbowl Snackdown

The wait is finally over. The Sunday where the majority of the nation bows down to a higher power and joins together for feasts of appetizers to give thanks for another bountiful season is once again upon us. For one evening people from all walks of sporting life will be united, from actual football fans (two teams will be playing for a trophy) to girlfriends/casual observers (commercials and a halftime show with bright lights). More importantly this unofficial national holiday is the time for two uniquely different groups to shine. It is time for sports books to bust out their most interesting betting lines of the year.....
  • Christina Aguilera holds the note 'brave' during the anthem for longer than 6 seconds (-140)
  • Who will Fox show first on TV?
  • Fergie dresses like a cheerleader at halftime (5:1) (I bet she dresses like a skank)
  • Color of the Gatorade bath (odds vary, yellow is the favorite)
.....and Super Bowl Sunday is time for sports cooks across America to bust out their best game day recipes. Opening a jar of salsa and laying out some chips may have been good enough for the regular season, but this is the weekend where everyone from the players on the field to the cooks in the kitchen need to step up their game.

This year the Packers of Green Bay are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers for the NFL championship. A good hosting idea is to feed guests dishes representative of each team's region. Wisconsin is the land of the cheesehead so laying some cheese out on a nice cheese plate is a good way to represent the Packers. TWSF was not sure what foods Pittsburgh is famous for so we consulted our friend (and Pittsburgh native) Alex. She suggested that sandwich that has french fries on it or pierogis. But if you are in the Pittsburgh area we recommend a visit to Hyeholde where Alex's dad is the executive chef.

Some of our other go to game day recipes that will impress:

You may be wondering what the culinary experts at That's What She Fed are planning to serve up for the big day? Nothing. We'll be in New York City, enjoy the game.

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