Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Hour at The Mighty Pint

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak

Does the recession still got you down? Have cash strapped municipalities been hitting you up for questionable parking tickets? Spend a little too much this holiday season? Then all the more reason to get a load on after a long days work. The Mighty Pint will  facilitate (sorry for the lingo I need to stop working in consulting) your desire to drown away the state of your bank account, without adding too much to the problem. The Mighty Pint offers happy hour every weekday from 11am-8pm with $3 draft beers (only 6 on tap though) and $5 rail drinks. $5 does not sound like much of a deal but the Mighty Pint, staying true to its name, serves all non-shots in a 16oz pint glass. In addition to the regular happy hour there are special deals each night after 8pm including $2 22oz miller light on Tuesday and flip night on Thursday where you flip a coin to see if you are going to pay for each drink. The food menu features a wide selection of cheese steaks, but considering it's a Pittsburgh Steelers/Penguins bar, the cheese steaks leave a little to be desired by any Philly native. The roll selection is questionable. However, they make up for the roll shortcomings by playing a heavy rotation of 90's rock (its like we ordered the same CDs from Columbia House in middle school). The Mighty Pint is a great place to grab some cheap drinks after work or stop by before you go to one of those fancy bars with expensive cocktails and cover charges.

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