Thursday, February 10, 2011

TWSF goes to the Big Apple: Chelsea Market

Matt had his first lunch at Chelsea Market right before we arrived on Friday. A business lunch, must be nice to be an ad man in New York. He informed us that, as foodies, we must go there. The market was exactly the sort of thing Chuck and I love to check out. The stores inside Chelsea Market are specialized in everything ranging from wine to fresh fish to olive oil to Anthropologie. We stopped in the Chelsea Wine Vault for a free mid-afternoon tasting (hooray for taking vacation on Friday), and ended up purchasing a  Barbera for $9 to accompany our appetizers, a good deal considering Chuck had just reluctantly paid $13 for a glass of Barbera from Eataly.

As we wandered around the market it was difficult to decide which of the wonderful shops to grab something for a pre-dinner snack. After a couple of laps through the market we finally settled on Amy’s Bread. Amy Scherber has been making quality bread and pastries since 1992 and now sells her goods from three area shops. We were impressed with the wide variety of goodies on display, but what really grabbed our attention was the fact that Amy's Bread has floor to ceiling glass walls running the full length of the bakery which allows shoppers to watch the bakers go about their business like some sort of culinary zoo exhibit. We love when we can see things being made, and there is nothing quite like bread from a quality bakery where they bake on-site. While standing in line we sampled a few breads, and were (not surprisingly) swayed by the delicious rosemary loaf.

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  1. This is a reminder of one of the fun things to do in Chelsea park.