Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DC Slices

I often complain about the lack of a good slice of pizza in DC, too many upscale place serving expensive boutique 10 inch pizzas, not enough red-and-white-checkerboard-table-cloth type places selling pizza by the slice (jumbo slice doesn't count, would you eat that sober?). When I don't bring lunch to work, I would love to just run and grab a quick slice or two from a traditional pizza place like this one. My office is near a Z Pizza, but it's pretty awful.

The other day I stumbled upon DC Slices and got two quality slices (topped with fresh basil nonetheless). Only problem is that this pizzeria is on wheels and as with the legions of food trucks is only available if they decide find a parking spot near your workplace.

Their pizza is very good, it's what someone from an area with a rich pizza tradition has come to expect. Although I found their prices a little on the high side, $9 for two slices and a can of coke, but I guess that's the price that the market is willing to bear in this pizza slice deprived city. Check if they are slinging slices near you on Twitter @dcslices.

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