Friday, June 24, 2011

Checked out on Friday

Trader Joe's is great, their prepared foods are second to none and are pretty much the only prepared stuff we make at this point (sorry Elio's and Lean Cuisine). But for whatever reason we only stop by a Trader Joe's when our stash of cheap wine runnith dry, as evident by our cart above (note: pic taken in the checkout line). Three buck Chuck gets all the press and is a good gateway wine for kids right out of college who are developing their taste for non-bagged wine (it took me a while to get used to drinking wine without slapping a bag first), but we recommend that those of us with a slightly more refined pallet move up to bottles in the $5-$9 range, it makes a world of difference. Trader Joe's wine selection has, by far, the best bang to buck ratio and we feel confidant buying any bottle they put on the shelf. We already proved that expensive wine isn't necessarily better, so go ahead and stock up on the cheaper stuff. Just make sure to throw some milk and pot stickers in your cart so you don't look like a complete wino, happy Friday

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