Monday, February 21, 2011

TWSF goes to the Big Apple, next stop: Milon

Awesome decor at Milon. PARTY time!

The posts are getting a little out of order here, but let us take you back to our weekend in NYC...

Matt offered to make reservations the first night at the restaurant of our choice. We figured it best to leave it to the New Yorker, but told him we'd prefer ethnic food and an experience we could not get in the District. After consulting his roommate Potatoes, Matt decided on Indian at Milon.

Milon is BYO(insert your favorite drink here), a rather wonderful feature that we severely lack in DC. In fact, I had to research if it was allowed at all (for those of you who are interested, check out free corkage and BYOB in DC here). Anyways, we were excited about not paying exorbitant amounts for drinks and arrived at Milon prepared.

Upon arrival we were greeted by many eager hosts. I was transported back to Mexico, where our presence at various retail shops was rendered by shouts and deals. We were a little confused at first, the four adjacent restaurants looked exactly alike, with hagglers fronting the doors. With Matt in the lead, we headed upstairs (the door to the left) and were seated immediately (considering the crowd this was shocking, actually).

This restaurant is really about the experience and a truly fun time. The food is good but cheap (not too spicy for those of you looking for some serious Indian food), the restaurant is loud, the tables are practically on top of each other, and you can bring as much booze as you want. Probably not good for the stuffy or claustrophobic folk, but excellent for the pre-gamers and birthday girls and boys. I wish they had a place like this in college. It is perfect for a birthday parties. They flicker the lights (as if more light features were needed) and the entire restaurant breaks out in applause for the birthday guest. DC, get on this, stat.

After many shared dishes and a few bottles of wine, the four of us left paying only $20 each (including tip!). At times we felt a little rushed, but when you get pushed, push back (note: bad advice for children). We found that leaving a bigger tip allowed us to take our time finishing our wine without being bothered.

We couldn't get over how much we loved this place. I kept crying "this is exactly what I wanted!!" to Matt, as he nodded and smiled at my tipsy incessant babbling. It may not have been the posh Sex in the City scene, but it did make me think of the movie. Remember the scene where Carrie and Miranda eat at a restaurant full of dangling balloons for Valentine's Day? It's not quite, but kind of is like that.

P.S. This place is CASH ONLY.

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