Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year, New Place, New Posts, New Camera

Posts have been few and far between during the last few months. It’s been a bit of a transition time at TWSF as we moved from DC to Reading Massachusetts for a couple of months then finally into Boston’s North End. Also, it’s hard to keep writing every week without getting paid or needing to pass a class. So, I have been told by the other blogger that my New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to get back into the blogging habit. So without further ado…

Reading MA is by no means a culinary hotbed, but there are some solid places to be found if you don’t want to make the trip into downtown Boston. In case you ever find yourself out in in the Boston suburbs on the northeast side of the intersection of interstates 95 and 93, here are some one sentence (I need to ease back into this) reviews of places we visited:
  • Columbo's has good pizza and calzones
  • Grumpy Doyle's has trivia on Tuesday and a decent beer selection. The 'Doyle’s Chicken Tenders' are a solid take on the chicken finger.
  • Bangkok Spice is a Thai place with really, really cheap bottles of wine and serviceable Thai food. Chef Taw set our expectations for Thai food ridiculously high.
  • Venetian Moon has a wide selection of good martinis served in an interesting older, cougar-ie ambiance.
  • Sato 2 is the place for sushi and a scorpion bowl for one (someone always has to drive home in the suburbs)
  • The Chinatown Cafe has amazingly cheap combo deals for a reason, pass
  • The McDonalds in Reading serves laxatives masquerading as value meals like every other McDonalds in the country
  • Market Basket (supermarket) sells really cheap live lobsters. Hint: take them uncooked, if you have Market Basket steam them free, you wind up having to pay a prepared food tax.
  • Jordan's Furniture has an IMAX, Fudruckers, Richardson's Ice Cream, and a Trapeze, within the confines of the furniture store
  • They call cheesesteaks steak and cheese in Boston. This is particularity irksome for a Philadelpha suburbanite. You wouldn’t place an order for a burger and cheese, would you? This is much worse than calling hoagies subs.

Also we got a fancy new DSLR camera for Christmas, so the quality of our pictures should increase,  here are some random food related pictures. We still have no idea to use the thing:

Prime Rib - Christmas Eve (hope Dad washed his hands)

German Chocolate Cake


  1. Delicious German Chocolate Cade! yummy yum yum!! More pics Chuck!! you have to upload tons of then!! RIGHT NOW! May be I'm getting emotional 'cause I haven't had my breakfast yet!!

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